My Gardenia

Ethereal, whimsical and playful – My Gardenia presents a fusion of timeless tradition and contemporary design celebrating the beauty of opposites.

My Gardenia's exclusive range of delicate, intricately executed treasures speak to the collector of unique design.     

From hand-crafted treasures inspired by nature to bespoke accessories tailored to your vision, My Gardenia is your destination for unique, meaningful fashion.  Embrace a simpler way of life while making a statement with accessories that transcend generations, cultures and eras.

The Gardenia flower is associated with paradise, is sweetly scented, delicate, yet easily bruised. It represents love, refinement and purity. In Greek Mythology, the Gardenia was held sacred to the Greek god of dreams, Morpheus. 

According to Greek mythology, Morpheus was said to be the ‘fashioner’ of dreams. Derived from the Greek, his name suggested one who forms or shapes.  Morpheus was said to be the deliverer of dreams which carried with them both the opposites of hope and despair, and, peace and terror. The dreams he delivered to those asleep were said to motivate actions during their waking hours.